July 13, 2010

Coon Reunion...Service Project!!

Thank You to my AMAZING Coon family!!! This year was the Coon reunion & the Theme was 'Service'. They all gathered together & fixed up mom's house! What a great family!!! As you can see my mom's house was in need of some work. While mom was in the hospital The boys put a new roof on her house. It was a lot of hard work & they are amazing men!! After they finished that the WHOLE family painted the outside of the house!! They are all so great & as Brenda's daughter I am so thankful!! =)
(I stole the pictures from my Aunt Jill....I had already left for home & forgot to take pictures..oops!! So thanks Jill!!)

With all the craze on the roof this was the ONLY casualty!!! Someone went through the roof....oops!!! But it is all better & now we have Something funny to add to the slide show at the next reunion!!! =)
Grant & Rob's little girls Hannah & Gloria hanging out in the back yard.

Alice, Katie & James, They all works so hard!!
Ron & Grandpa Coon Painting!!

Laurie Workin' HARD!!! I love this woman!!!
& FINALLY the AFTER!!!! Thanks again to all of you who helped!! You are ALL AMAZING!!!

4th of July...

One of the ONLY things that I have to say about the 4th of July here is 'CRAZY'!!! I mean complete MADNESS!!! There are very little restrictions on fireworks here in Nebraska. So needless to say it was like World War III!!! We had so much fun!! We met at a friends house for a BBQ & then Fireworks. It was AWESOME!!

This is my friend Jen's son Garrett. He had this princess Boa on & I HAD to take a picture of it before he took it off!! Too funny!!
This is Jen!! She is AWESOME!! She will probably KILL me for posting this picture but I HAD to!! She is AWESOME!!! =)
The group...
Notice all the fuzzy dots on this picture...well that is all the ASH from all the fireworks!!! I am telling you it was AWESOME!!!

Bryan & Lindsey lighting off a Roman Candle!!
My friend Alison & her son Parker & Lindsey!!! I LOVE this kid he cracks me up!!!
The BBQ!!! (My luggage got lost on my flight so that is why my hair is braided & pulled back!!! Nice huh!?)
Sadie LOVES the piano!!
Bryan & Mark (Jen's Hubby) BBQing!!
We are so lucky to have such great friends here!!! We are sad to have so many moving away right now!! At least we know Jen & Mark & Alison & Jeremy wont be moving anytime soon!!!! =)

Grandma Donna's Visit...

Grandma Donna cam for a week & a 1/2 visit to Nebraska!! The girls had so much fun. I was very blessed to be able to go home to Utah for a week & Donna stayed with my kids. That was great! I don't know the order of the pictures since I wasn't here but Donna was really good at keeping the girls entertained with lots of crafts, a spa day & she bought them a Buzz light year slip'n slide!! She was great at taking lots of pictures too.

This is at the park right by our house.

On our back porch...

Sadie RUNNING though the house...notice how everything is blurry...She is CRAZY!!! =) I LOVE IT!!!!

Sadie doing Pull-ups!!
These are the cute Too-toos Donna bought the girls & the candy Lays from Hawaii.

Donna made Kelsey a pink cake for her Birthday.
THE ZOO!!! It was so hot & crowded that Donna didn't even get to see 1/2 the Zoo & she was still very impressed!! We LOVE our ZOO!!!

FIRE WORKS!!!! Nebraska is AWESOME!!!! There are very little restrictions on fireworks!! The 4th of July was like World War 3!!! Bryan was in HEAVEN!!!
Spa Day!!

The girls had so much fun with their Grandma & were VERY sad to see her go!! Once Donna thanks for all the great memories & the time with my family in Utah!!