May 7, 2010

Wes' Visit to Nebraska...Part 2...

Here we are at the Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown Omaha.

After we walked across the pedestrian bridge in Down town Omaha we went to this GORGEOUS park. Wes & Bryan played catch & the girls rolled down the hill. It was so much fun!

Kelsey playing catch with Dad.

Kelsey too this picture of Uncle Wes kicking the ball & she also took this picture of me sitting in the grass at the park.

We got rained out at eh park so we went to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ.

Wes & his MASSIVE root beer!!

Wes' Visit to Nebraska...Part 3

Here are some pictures from Lake Manawa. We through rocks in the water & the boys played catch.

This picture cracks us up!! Look at Sadie's look on her face! I wish I knew what she was thinking right here. She is such a NUT!!!
Bryan was EVIL & through a HUGE rock in the water & got all of us wet! Look at how soaked Lindsey is & boy was she mad!!!

This tree was super cool! It was MASSIVE & had this AWESOME hiding place in the base of it!
There was this family there fishing & they had this cute Beagle puppy. It brought back a lot of fun memories for Bryan & Wes of when they were growing up & they always had Beagle puppies around.
We LOVE this park in Plattsmouth.
Mom & dad riding on the Marry-go-round....I almost PUKED!!

Check out Wes' SWEET new ride!!! hahahaha this was HILARIOUS!!!
Right before we took Wes to the airport we went to walk around the temple & the Pioneer Cemetery.
Don't even ask WHAT my kids are doing!! =)

We had so much fun with Uncle Wes here! It really makes us miss having family close.