May 28, 2009

Sadie's Blessing...

Today, May 27, 2007 we finally blessed Sadie. What a beautiful blessing it was!!! Bryan is such an amazing dad. Dustin & Andra were down from Washington for the family's trip to Mexico & so Bryan wanted to do it while he was here. We had Bishop Parker & his wife Jodi, who is my visiting teacher, Donna, Debi Pappa, Dustin & Andra. LaMar had to work out of town & couldn't be there. My cousin Shara & her husband Todd came later too. I am so thankful for family. It was very sweet & the spirit was so strong. We love doing it with such a small group because it helps Bryan to focus on the spirit.

Sadie & Grandma Davis.

Dustin & Andra Loving on Sadie before they had to leave for the airport.

Dustin was so funny. He kept smelling Sadie & saying 'I just love the smell of babies!!' She does smell super good!! :)