March 10, 2009


Today I watched Hewson & Tillman Layton. They had so much fun with the Girls. We made Binoculars out of toilet paper rolls & craft paper. They played outside on the bikes with Zeppelin & chased each other in the grass. While Tillman took a nap Kelsey, Hewson & Lindsey all painted pictures together. We have had a busy day. So much FUN!!!
Here is Kelsey & Hewson showing off their Binoculars.
Here is Tillman looking at me through his Binoculars.
Tillman Taking a picture of me with the princess camera while I took a picture of him.

Hewson, Kelsey & Lindsey playing in the toy room with their new Binoculars.
Here they are all outside riding bikes.

Zeppelin LOVES Sadie!!!

Hewson is showing me his rocks that he found in the grass.

" TAG YOUR IT!!!!!"

***Saturday March 7, 2009 Bryan brought home some Popsicles & the girls ate the entire box in less than an hour. Funny kids.***