May 29, 2010

Our little Princesses...

Our little Princesses!!! Today was such a gorgeous day. My little sis made these tutus for my girls for Christmas & I am just getting around to taking some pictures of the girls wearing them. We went down to the park by our house & snapped a few pics of the girls & daddy!! Sadie was a terror & would NOT sit for a picture of all 3 girls together so I only got one of Kelsey & Linds. I did however get a few shots of Sadie playing with daddy! He sure LOVES his girls!!! I am so lucky to have such a GREAT man!!!

I totally need a new camera but I quickly snapped this shot of Sadie racing past me!! The Little stinker knew mom was taking pictures & she just wouldn't have it!!!
But she sure does look cute in her TUTU!!!! Thanks Aunt Nat!!!

This last picture is one that Kelsey took of Linds!!! I couldn't find my camera this morning & when I did it was in the girls toy room. Kelsey is obsessed with taking pictures. All she wants for her birthday is a purple camera. I told her she will have to wait till Christmas. But she is actually pretty good at it. So here are just a few pics I found when I turned my camera on.

May 12, 2010

Wes' Visit to Nebraska...Part 1

Wes came to visit us for a week! It was great to see him. Grandma Donna sent a package with him for the girls. They each got a Arizona T-shirt & lots of other fun things. Here they are eating dinner in their new T's.

We LOVE the ZOO here!! So of course while Wes was here we had to take him to the Omaha ZOO!!!

Bryan & Wes behind the waterfall on the rope bridge in the Rain Forest building.

This was HILARIOUS!!! I was trying to take a picture of them & they both pull this on me!!

It was SOOO HOT!!!!! I thought my clothes were going to be permanently PLASTERED to my body!!! YUCK...HOT & STICKY!!!

Walking around the bottom of the rain forest on the "Trail".

Also while Wes was here Sadie decided to grab the exhaust on the Lawn mower right after daddy had just finished mowing the lawn. So it was nice & HOT!!! She burned her poor little hand pretty bad. I put some burn free cream on it & wrapped it so she wouldn't get it dirty or mess with it. She was so good & NEVER cried!!! She kept saying "ouchy" & showing everyone her bandage, but other than that she never cried!

May 7, 2010

Wes' Visit to Nebraska...Part 2...

Here we are at the Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown Omaha.

After we walked across the pedestrian bridge in Down town Omaha we went to this GORGEOUS park. Wes & Bryan played catch & the girls rolled down the hill. It was so much fun!

Kelsey playing catch with Dad.

Kelsey too this picture of Uncle Wes kicking the ball & she also took this picture of me sitting in the grass at the park.

We got rained out at eh park so we went to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ.

Wes & his MASSIVE root beer!!