June 3, 2009


Bryan was out of town for 3 days. Lindsey is such a daddy's girl. While he was gone she had to sleep with me & she also had to sleep in hos socks!! Here is a picture of her wearing Daddy's socks!!! Funny girl.

Since dad was gone that means we get the car!!!! HURRAY!!! That is the one plus when he leaves. We get out of the house!! I mean we don't even come home sometimes. We will just DRIVE!!! The girls love it. This time we went swimming with our cousins. Todd & Christy Fetter have a pool in their community. Christy died my hair & then we went swimming. We had so much fun with everyone. Shara, Mykah & Loren all came with us. This was Sadie's first time in a pool & she was so CUTE!!! She was having just as much fun as the big girls. Shara had this cute floaty for Mykah that she let me use for Sadie.
She is such a happy baby!!
She was all smiles the whole time.
Splashing in the water.
She kept sucking all the water off of the floaty. Yuck I know but it was too funny!!!
This floaty was really neat. It had a canopy over the top to block the sun.
Kelsey & Taylor playing in the kiddy pool.
Kelsey LOVES to swim!! She was so happy to be playing with her friends too!!
My girls!! They both kept going from pool to pool. They would get too warm in the kiddy pool & come rushing over to the big pool to cool off. Lindsey about gave me a heart attack!! She is too brave! She would just jump in even if no one was there to catch her. Crazy kid!!

Splish Splash!!!!
Sadie had way too much fun too!! Just a splashing away!!

Here are all the big kids rushing out of the cold water over to the kiddy pool!!! They did this the whole time.

This is a good shot of the kiddy pool. It is only 1 1/2 ft. deep. Perfect for the kids.
This is cutie Paityn Fetter playing in the kiddy pool!! She is such a doll.
I think those are Christy's legs...WA WOOO!!! :)
Lindsey racing back to the pool after getting a drink. All my kids were so wiped out. We went straight from Christy's house to the airport to pick up dad. The girls passed out the second we pulled out onto the street!! Way too much fun!! This is why I LOVE summer!!
I wish we lived closer to the Fetter's. We love them so much. My girls always have so much fun with them. Christy is amazing. She is my mommy idle!! She makes me try harder at being a better mom. Thanks guys for an AWESOME day!!!

5/30/2009, Bucher Jones Beach, Saguaro Lake

Saturday we went out for a Summer picnic with grandma & grandpa Davis. WE hurried & ate because there were ants EVERYWHERE around the table & BEES!!!! Anyone who knows me well, knows I HATE BEES!!!! I am very allergic & they FREAK me out!!! SO we hurried down to the water so that the girls could play. Grandpa & dad brought the paddle boat down to the water & grandma & grandpa took Kelsey & Lindsey out for their 1st paddle boat ride. They had so much fun!!

Kelsey & Lindsey playing in the YUCKY water!! They loved it though & that is all that matters.
Sadie & Momma Sitting by the side of the water. I was having so much fun watching Kelsey & Lindsey play in the water!!

YUCK!!!! Kelsey is LAYING down in the water!!!

The paddle boat!!
Grandpa LaMar & the girls in the lake waiting to go out on the boat.

There they go!! The girls had so much fun!!

Bryan & I walked around to the dock to fish & on the way grandpa had to get out of the boat cause the tackle box snapped open & ALL his fishing stuff fell out EVERYWHERE & some in the lake.
Here they are picking it all up.
Lindsey kept FREAKING me out!! She is not afraid of ANYTHING!! She kept standing up in the boat!! I thought for sure she was going overboard!! Even though she had a life jacket on it still scares me! Bryan says I am too paranoid!! But I say I ma just trying to be a good mom!! At least I let them go, right?

We had a great time out at the lake with grandma & grandpa Davis!!!