March 29, 2009

Today was a fun Sunday. I wasn't feeling very well & Bryan was so sweet he took Kelsey & Lindsey to Bass Pro Shop. So that I could lay down with Sadie. He is such a wonderful man. I really appreciate him. He really works hard & he is such an amazing dad. They LOVE that store. We could spend HOURS in there & they would be perfectly happy.
Here are some pictures of the girls getting ready to leave. They love each other so much. They both kept dancing around & running up to each other & giving each other hugs!!!
Look at how funny, they are almost they same height. Lindsey is only a inch or so shorter!!
Here Kelsey is showing me her 'new' spin. She is such a princess. I need to put her in dance. She loves to dance.

Check out this good looking man!! I just cut his hair so he can look more professional at work. I sure do love him.
Lindsey is so excited to go. Funny little girl. She makes me smile all the time. I am so lucky to have my girls. I love being a mom.

She is so gorgeous!!
Kelsey makes me laugh. Bryan & I were trying to get her to smile & she just kept CHEESEing it!! She cracks me up!!!
Before they left, Bryan gave them each a Ding Dong cake. My girls LOVE those. Here they are running off to each eat their treat in the kitchen.

Lindsey got this really fun horse for her birthday from grandma Brenda. They both love to play on it. Here is Kelsey trying to pose for a picture. She is so pretty.
Perfect pictures. I love this one of Linds.
Here is Kelsey's new butterfly hair tie. She & I went to Joanne's fabric the other night to get some things for Young Women's & She was being so good that I bought her this. It was only $1. What a steal.

March 28, 2009

Baby Shower gifts...

Today was my cousin, Chelsea Coon's baby shower. It was at Ron & Debbie's house. They have their horses in a pasture in their back yard & of course Lindsey is obsessed with horses. She has absolutely NO FEAR!!! She was being good & staying on the right side of the fence & just feeding the horses carrots. Then she got out. She almost got trampled. She was out petting them & then the next thing we know she is SCREAMING & RUNNING from one of the horses. I didn't see it all but all I saw was the horse CHASING her & stomping his hoof at the ground right in front of my baby!!! I was so scared. I ran outside & ripped her up & tried to calm her down. She was ok of course & she was STILL not afraid of them. She still wanted to pet them, ride them & pretty much be with the the entire day & never leave. She is so brave it is scary.

Here are some pictures of her & our cousins feeding the horses & taking little rides on them around the yard.

Annie Coon & Abbie Coon (Cousins) riding around the yard in a wagon.

Lindsey & Miriam (cousin) feeding the horses some carrots.

I forgot to change the setting on my camera so this is kind of fuzzy but this is Chelsea Coon. The women of the hour.
Right in the middle, from left to right, Katie Coon, Jill Coon & Alissa Coon.
Katie, Jill & Alissa Again.

Lindsey riding the horse. I was holding onto her pants in case the horse decided to take off on us!
Uncle Ron kept trying to take pictures with me in the. I was trying to hide. He was being really sweet!! But I hate to have my picture taken.
Our little animal LOVER!!!
This is when I was trying to take her off the horse. She was very angry with me. We couldn't get her to let go of his mien.
Here are all the cousins (Lizzie Jensen, Alice Coon, Lindsey & Joelynn Coon) & Ron walking them around the yard.
Lindsey was so mad that we had to leave.
We had so much fun!! We are going to be going back this week so that Kelsey can ride the horses too. She was with her grandma & grandpa Davis today. I can't do all of them all at once. As you can tell, had Kelsey been there I might not have gotten to Lindsey in time & the horse would have gotten her. It wasn't the horses fault she shouldn't have been out there with out me. I have learned that now. I thought that if she was outside with a few older kids she would have been fine. But it scared me so bad that I doubt she will be let out of my sight for a while!!

A few days ago I made a rag quilt for Sadie. I posted all about it on my crafting blog ( She is IN LOVE with it. She is so funny!! Here are some pictures of her loving on her blanky. I am going to make one for each of my girls. Kelsey is excited to pick out the colors. I am sure hers will be pink.

March 18, 2009

Show Low Weekend...

These are all the pictures that you will see from our weekend trip to Show Low. We left Friday when Bryan got home from work & came home Sunday. We stayed at LaNae & Jared's house & had lots of fun!! I am horrible though at taking pictures!! So these are the few that LaNae was kind enough to take & email to me!! :) I think I left my camera in the car the entire weekend!!

Here is a picture of Sadie after taking her bath. Aunt LaNae had this adorable flower hat & it looked too cute on Sadie. She looks like one of those Anne Geddes posters!! Look at those chubby rolls!! I just wanna kiss her cheeks!!!

Here I am sitting doing what feels like the only thing I do....Nursing!!

Lacy & me on their front porch.
Lindsey & Kaylee on the railing of the front porch!! Cute little cousins!!

March 16, 2009

Who loves mondays, not me!?

So this is how my mornig started....Lindsey found a marker..I don't know where...

& colored ALL OVER herself!! She was so proud of her art work! Crazy girl!!

Then After I bathed her & tried to wash all of her art work off...

Kelsey & her continued to make a HUGE mess in the toy room.........

........Once again they were so proud of themselves!!!! They just kept on dumping toys...........

......& Jumping........

......& spilling out all of their tubs full of toys. They chased eachother around & around the room spilling & throwing toys EVERYWHERE!! Can we say....Monday?

This is how EVERY Monday goes......CRAZY!!!!
Then FINALLY the ANGEL....Sadie....Falls asleep just in time for me to clean it all up & FINALLY get Kelsey's hair done........
......She had to have "Belle's" hair.....You know Beauty & the beast. Of course I tried about 5 times before I had it right. She finally aproved & this is the final look. Such a funny girl! Check out Kelsey's Left eye...she drew on herself too!! Oh my girls!!! They make me CRAZY!!! :)

Here is the doll that she had me model her new look after!!

Funny kid!! It had to be PERFECT!! Ya have to love girls!!! So this has been my monday morning!!! This is all I have been able to accomplish besides 2 loads of wash! That would be why we call it the 'Davis Maddness'!!! :)

March 10, 2009


Today I watched Hewson & Tillman Layton. They had so much fun with the Girls. We made Binoculars out of toilet paper rolls & craft paper. They played outside on the bikes with Zeppelin & chased each other in the grass. While Tillman took a nap Kelsey, Hewson & Lindsey all painted pictures together. We have had a busy day. So much FUN!!!
Here is Kelsey & Hewson showing off their Binoculars.
Here is Tillman looking at me through his Binoculars.
Tillman Taking a picture of me with the princess camera while I took a picture of him.

Hewson, Kelsey & Lindsey playing in the toy room with their new Binoculars.
Here they are all outside riding bikes.

Zeppelin LOVES Sadie!!!

Hewson is showing me his rocks that he found in the grass.

" TAG YOUR IT!!!!!"

***Saturday March 7, 2009 Bryan brought home some Popsicles & the girls ate the entire box in less than an hour. Funny kids.***