February 15, 2010

February 2010....

Laurie & Marty & Katie & Sarah came to visit us this last weekend. We had such a great time with them here. Katie & Sarah are so great with my girls, not to mention that Laurie is AWESOME!!! Laurie brought all the stuff to make Valentines. The girls had so much fun cutting & coloring their very own Valentines! Laurie is so great. I am so lucky to have her so close. I wish they were closer but we'll take what we can get. Marty, Laurie, Bryan & I went to the temple together on Friday night. That was an amazing session. I am so blessed to have a temple so close! Here are some pictures from their visit.

Sarah, Sadie & Katie.

Sadie eating peas, Banana bread & Yogurt!!! YUMMY!!!! She was trying to share with Aunt Laurie!!

Valentine Men!! Oh they had so much fun making these with Laurie!

Ok so before Laurie & Marty came I FINALLY finished my house!! I still have to finish my bedroom but that is not a HUGE priority. So here are a few shots of the house all decorated. I will take more of the other rooms soon. This is our living room down stairs & I am standing in the toy room part to take the picture.

This is our little peak-a-boo spot where you can see the front door from down stairs.
The toy room area behind the couch, down stairs.
Another toy room shot.
The living room fireplace.

This is what the living room looks like from the bottom of the stairs.
The family room from the view of the dining room.
This is another picture of the family room from the top of the stairs. That wall had me frustrated for a VERY long time!! I could NOT get the pictures arranged right. It about drove me crazy!!
Sadie playing downstairs with Zeppelin.

Mom trying to take Sadie's coat off. She is FINALLY walking & is so hard to catch now!

Bryan standing in front of the fireplace downstairs with Kelsey & Lindsey.
I have lost 18 lbs since we moved here (the shirt doesn't help make me look smaller but I didn't want to change!).....
Bryan has lost over 20 lbs!!!! Go us!! We still have a bunch more to loose but we both feel tons better!!

January 2010....

Here is a look at our backyard from our back door. We have a HUGE deck & a very nice big backyard. Our girls were dying to play in the snow. So we FINALLY let them. They had so much fun & all but froze!!

Lindsey all dressed to go play!
Mom getting Kelsey all dressed to go play in the snow.

All bundled up!!!

They didn't even dare to get off the porch because our backyard had so much snow we didn't even know how deep it was!

Dad throwing them into a pile of snow!

Snow angels!!

Zeppelin going CRAZY in the snow!!

Sadie was DYING to go have fun in the snow too! But