March 29, 2009

Today was a fun Sunday. I wasn't feeling very well & Bryan was so sweet he took Kelsey & Lindsey to Bass Pro Shop. So that I could lay down with Sadie. He is such a wonderful man. I really appreciate him. He really works hard & he is such an amazing dad. They LOVE that store. We could spend HOURS in there & they would be perfectly happy.
Here are some pictures of the girls getting ready to leave. They love each other so much. They both kept dancing around & running up to each other & giving each other hugs!!!
Look at how funny, they are almost they same height. Lindsey is only a inch or so shorter!!
Here Kelsey is showing me her 'new' spin. She is such a princess. I need to put her in dance. She loves to dance.

Check out this good looking man!! I just cut his hair so he can look more professional at work. I sure do love him.
Lindsey is so excited to go. Funny little girl. She makes me smile all the time. I am so lucky to have my girls. I love being a mom.

She is so gorgeous!!
Kelsey makes me laugh. Bryan & I were trying to get her to smile & she just kept CHEESEing it!! She cracks me up!!!
Before they left, Bryan gave them each a Ding Dong cake. My girls LOVE those. Here they are running off to each eat their treat in the kitchen.

Lindsey got this really fun horse for her birthday from grandma Brenda. They both love to play on it. Here is Kelsey trying to pose for a picture. She is so pretty.
Perfect pictures. I love this one of Linds.
Here is Kelsey's new butterfly hair tie. She & I went to Joanne's fabric the other night to get some things for Young Women's & She was being so good that I bought her this. It was only $1. What a steal.