May 29, 2010

Our little Princesses...

Our little Princesses!!! Today was such a gorgeous day. My little sis made these tutus for my girls for Christmas & I am just getting around to taking some pictures of the girls wearing them. We went down to the park by our house & snapped a few pics of the girls & daddy!! Sadie was a terror & would NOT sit for a picture of all 3 girls together so I only got one of Kelsey & Linds. I did however get a few shots of Sadie playing with daddy! He sure LOVES his girls!!! I am so lucky to have such a GREAT man!!!

I totally need a new camera but I quickly snapped this shot of Sadie racing past me!! The Little stinker knew mom was taking pictures & she just wouldn't have it!!!
But she sure does look cute in her TUTU!!!! Thanks Aunt Nat!!!

This last picture is one that Kelsey took of Linds!!! I couldn't find my camera this morning & when I did it was in the girls toy room. Kelsey is obsessed with taking pictures. All she wants for her birthday is a purple camera. I told her she will have to wait till Christmas. But she is actually pretty good at it. So here are just a few pics I found when I turned my camera on.