March 2, 2010

Project #1: Dining Room Table

Before I sanded the edges. Notice how shiny it is...that is because it is STILL WET after OVER 12 hours!!!!
Building a house with Daddy!

Lindsey was building the railroad tracks.

I love this face!!

This is how our Sadie Lynn eats!! She refuses to sit down.

Before the paint went on. We had to putty a bunch before we could paint.

WOW things take FOREVER to dry here!! In Arizona it would have taken a matter of hours to dry but NO we live in NEBRASKA & it took OVER 24 hours to dry!! I just barely finished the table today & here it is Tuesday!! I guess that the dry heat is good for something!!!

So Saturday my amazing husband helped me fill all the cracks & seams in the top of the table & he sanded it smooth for me! I am so lucky to have him!! Then once all the putty dried we painted & the painting didn't take long at all. It was so fun to work on a project together.
While we were waiting for the putty to dry the girls enjoyed a new gift from their Grandma & Grandpa Davis. They sent them the Linkin' Logs set. We all sat down as a family & tried to make a house! It was really fun. I forgot how hard they can be though.