January 12, 2010


We were so very BLESSED this year!!!! We moved to Nebraska & Bryan started his great new job, we found a house with in a week of being here & we had our amazing Aunt Laurie & Uncle Marty & their AMAZING family have us for Christmas. Laurie spoiled us rotten with good food & entertainment. She made my mom's rocky road fudge & I think I ate the whole tray!! SO YUMMY!!!! The Girls had a great time too! Sarah & Katie were AWESOME!!! They took Kelsey, Lindsey & Sadie everywhere. I don't think I even changed a single diaper while I was there. We had a WONDERFUL time.

We spent Christmas Eve at Laurie & Marty's & then Christmas Day at The McKendrick's house for a wonderful dinner & great fun!!!

Here is a picture of Sadie on Christmas Eve. We were just getting ready to eat & I looked over at here & she was nodding off. So i grabbed the camera & this is what she did.....

....Passing out....

.......Trying to open her eyes, not quite ready to sleep yet she still has some more gold fish to eat......

...eating a gold fish in her sleep.....

....& she FINALLY gives up!!!!!

Oh man that was sure funny to watch!!! Pictures just don't do it justice!

Marty, Katie, Lindsey & Bryan. Bryan was explaining to Lindsey that Santa was coming that night so she needs to eat all her dinner!!

Sarah spread some oats all over the front yard so that the reindeer would find their house. I thought that was a great idea.

Kelsey & Lindsey watching Sarah spread the oats.

Nicci, Matt, Sarah, Sadie & Katie.

Katie & Sadie & Kelsey's head.

Katie was so good to Sadie! She was always holding her & making her laugh.

I couldn't decide which one of these was the best picture because they are ALL pretty FUNNY!!!! This is Christmas Eve after dinner & we were getting ready to open our 1 present under the tree. We put our camera on Laurie's book shelf & set the timer. It was too funny!!!

Opening 1 present each on Christmas Eve.

Laurie had this Santa tin that had all theses goodies in it & she could NOT get the lid on!! It was SOOOO FUNNY!!!

Kelsey & Sadie in their new princess PJ's.

After we opened presents Laurie has this cool bell set. They are a bunch of pipes that have been Numbered & cut to certain lengths so that when they hare tapped with a nail they play a certain note. Then she held up a poster board with the numbers written on it. We all took a pie & a nail & When Laurie pointed to your number you would tap your pipe. It was so COOL!!! We played a whole bunch of Christmas songs. We all laughed & had a great time.
Here is their beautiful tree & all the loot!!

Nicci was worse than all the little girls. She was so antsy to get down stairs. Here they are all waiting at the top of the stairs to come down & she what Santa brought!!

The girls got this GREAT stuff called 'Moon Sand' For Christmas & Laurie & Nicci were so cute playing with them!! They made such a mess!!

Eating dinner at the McKendrick's on Christmas Day.
Christa has these awesome dogs. They were so good with all these people there & esspecially Sadie. They just let here hug them & ride them & kiss them. Here she is taking Shamous for a ride. He was a great dog!!

Matt, Nicci & Christa on the couch whatching the girls opn their gifts from Michael & Christa (Matt's mom & dad). It was so VERY nice of them to give us all gifts!!

Sadie got a Glow Worm & she is so in love with it!! She just kept kissing it & hugging it!! She was all smiles all night!

The Elders were there too & the girls kept on tickleing this one Elder! Poor guy!! Kelsey sure thought he was pretty funny!!!

Sadie & Shamous again! They became pretty good friends that day.