May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend.....

We went up to Canyon Creek for Memorial Day weekend. The Girls & Zeppelin had so much fun. They ran around all crazy & played in the rain. We picked up KFC in Payson & had a little picnic. It was so much fun.

It started raining off & on & so it made it about 60 degrees outside. The poor girls were freezing. They refused to put their jackets on though.

Sadie was asleep in the car for the first hour. Look at this sweet tittle thing!!
Sadie & momma.

The girls were out picking wild flowers for me.
Zeppelin was in HEAVEN!!!!

My sweet Linds kissing momma!!!

Daddy & ALL his girls!!!
Nice face Kels!!!! She is such a goof!!
Momma & her gorgeous girls!!!
This is where the river crosses the road & the girls had sooooooo much fun playing in the FREEZING water!!!!
Sadie was being so good & sitting in her car seat in the grass while I chased the girls through the water!!

What a good lookin' man...& he is ALL MINE!!!! :)


I absolutely LOVE this picture of LInds. There was this tree by the river that has split down the middle & Lindsey thought it was a perfect chair. She is so adorable!!!!

I have no idea how Kelsey could handle this but she was laying down in the FREEZING water!!! Crazy kid!!!

We all had so much fun!! We love to spend time just the 5 of us!! We have been so blessed with 3 beautiful, healthy girls. I love every minute with them.

More Irrigation.....

It is that time of year again, we get irrigation water every other weekend. Our girls LOVE it!!! They have so much fun playing in the water. Not to mention ZEPPELIN!! Our dog goes NUTS. Cheap entertainment so mommy loves it too!! Sadie was still asleep because we got water early in the morning. So Kelsey & Lindsey started their day out with FUN!!!!

Sadie playing in her walker right after waking up. She still looks a bit dazed!! :)
Zeppelin running crazy in the back yard. He LOVES irrigation.

She LOVES irrigation!!!

Kelsey dancing in the water.

The girls LOVE laying in the water.
I went inside really fast to see if Sadie was awake yet & this is what I came out to.........
I guess that Lindsey didn't want her suit on anymore. So she stripped!!! :) NAKED LINDSEY!!!!

Running naked....Check out her bum!!! Too funny!!!

Tea Party.....

The girls had their cousin Lacey Slade over for their 1st tea party. I made them hot chocolate, cheese crisps & jello bites for their tea party. Last year for Kelsey's birthday she got this cute princess tea set & so it was about time to break it in. They had so much fun playing tea party.

Slumber PARTY......

Sadie had her first slumber party with Grandma Donna. Here are some of the pictures from her fun night with grandma.

This is Sadie just waking up. Grandma had to wake her up so she could bring her home & take Kelsey & Lindsey to the ZOO.

Too cute. Look at her face!!! She looks so surprised!!!!
This is Kelsey playing peek-a-boo with Sadie after they got to our house before the ZOO!!
She is such a good big sister!!