November 24, 2009


We had so much fun!! Allison, Richard & their kids came down because Rich had a Dr.'s appointment in Phoenix & the kiddos were all able to play with each other. Russell is the funniest kid. He kept pointing at me & laughing. He cracks me up!

After they left I made spaghetti for dinner. Here are some pictures of Sadie's 1st experience with Spaghetti!! Check out the mess she made. I had to bathe her in the kitchen sink because I didn't dare walk across the carpet to the bathroom with her!! Oh she is the cutest thing!!

New Moon.....11/20/2009

A few of my friends & I went to opening night of New Moon. We had so much fun!! Katie Dew (in the middle) & I made out T-shirts. Katie's is so funny. She has her face on Bella's body!! So funny!! I am so lucky to have such good friends.