March 22, 2010

Ferris Wheel...

On Saturday we went to Scheel's sporting goods store in Omaha. It was really neat. They have a Ferris wheel in the middle of the store & Kelsey & Lindsey & I got to take a ride. The picture quality is kind of poor but we forgot our camera. So all we had was Bryan's cell phone. Kelsey was so funny! At first she was so nervous & was dead set that she was going to fall out of it & insisted that I hold onto her tight! Lindsey on the other hand was THRILLED!!! She wanted it to go FASTER & HIGHER!!! She must get that from me because I LOVE roller coasters & thrill rides! Sadie was so cute, waving at us from the ground. Every time we would pass she would smile all big & wave & yell "MOM!"

This is a Rondom picture. I had to take it though. For those of you who knew Kelsey as a baby will notice how much Sadie is starting to look JUST like her. I took this picture of Sadie's hair right before church. Check out those CURLS!!!
Kelsey & Lindsey getting ready for church. They are the best of friends!