February 25, 2010

Project Weekend....

I have vowed to be a better blogger!! I have so much I want to remember about these 1st few years of my girls lives. I always LOVED how my mom could remember exactly how old I was when I said something or did something silly. I want to be more like that. So here is to my VOW to being a better blogger.
Yesterday I started a 'New' System with Kelsey & Lindsey. I say 'New' Because I have tried it before but have not succeeded so we have tweaked it & now I believe it JUST may work!! We have started a new Chore system. I want my girls to learn responsibility at a young age & to also learn the value of money & how hard it is to earn it. So I printed of a chore chart & for everything they complete in that day they get a sticker next to it. Once they have received a sticker for every space they get $.10. I thought that was too much but it has proven to be PLENTY!! They have yet to earn anything except stickers. Then at the end of the month if they have completed their "chores" willingly & have behaved well then they get their new piggie banks I found at Target for $1. I was so excited.
So Kelsey says to me today..."mom I have been working REALLY hard to earn my stickers....when do I get the MONEY?" Oh sweet Kelsey!! She CRACKS me up. So I explained to her that once she had earned her money I would give it to her. She then told me.." Well when I get my money I'm going to save it so I can buy something BIG." I think she is getting the idea.

I love being a mom & I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy girls.