July 10, 2009

Utah Trip

Bryan, Grandma & Grandpa Davis. Look at how beautiful it is in Wales!!

Kelsey & Lindsey & the mini Horses!!The Girls were in HEAVEN!!!

Sadie Lynn & her Great Grandpa!!!

Grandma was trying to get Sadie to hold onto the horses Hair.

We went to Utah for my sister's wedding. Emily & Robert were married on June 19th 2009. We spent 4 days at Em's new house & then went home with Grandma Brenda. We then spent the rest of our 4 weeks hanging out with Grandma, Family & some old friends. We spent an afternoon with Bryan's Grandparents in Wales. The girls had so much fun!! They have the perfect set up for kids. They have horses, miniature horses & Chickens. I am sure they have much more but the girls wouldn't leave the mini horses alone to go look!! here are a couple pics I had to take with my phone. I left my camera back at Grandma Brenda's!! On our way home to Arizona we went down through Moab & Colorado into Farmington. We visited with Grandma & Grandpa Shupe. Then we went home the next day & stopped in Holbrook & ate an Ice cream cone with Grandpa LaMar. WOW it is good to be home!!! :)

Utah Trip: The Airplane Ride....

Emily & Robert got married on June 19th, 2009. Since Bryan couldn't come up for the wedding the girls & I flew up there. Em's wedding was in St. George Utah. So we flew into Las Vegas & Rob & Em picked us up there. This was Kelsey's 3rd time flying but the 1st time that she can remember & Lindsey's & Sadie's 1st time ever. Bryan got it approved to walked to the gate through security. That was great because I was worried about how I was going to do all 3 for that whole time!! We hung out with him & ate dinner at the Phoenix airport. Then he watched us get on the plane.

Here he is playing with the girls while we waited for our plane to get there.
Kissing Daddy goodbye.

Posing with the planes while we waited.


The girls had their Barbies out & were playing with them while we waited to take off.

Kelsey & Lindsey were SO EXCITED!!!! Here they are during take off!!! Kelsey had this face pretty much the ENTIRE flight!!!

Here Kelsey is reassuring Linds that it is ok & not to be scared!! It was so cute!!

TAKE OFF!!!!! This was her face during take off!!! She liked that part!!

The flight attendant brought Kelsey & Linds 'Special Princess' cookies. They were Graham Cracker cookies shaped like animals & mini pretzels. Kelsey thought that was the coolest thing EVER!!!

The second the plane leveled out Lindsey & Sadie were OUT!!! They both stayed asleep the whole flight. I had to wake Lindsey up to get off the plane. She didn't like that too much & she SCREAMED!!! It was quite embarrassing.

Kelsey is showing me her mini pretzels. When we flew over Hoover Dam she was like "mom look at the fish" & when I told her that they were boats & not fish she was all "mom boats are big not small like a little fish!!" Then I told her that was how high in the sky we were. Boats look smaller when your up here!! Her face was classic. She was so shocked & she looked out the window until we couldn't see the lake anymore. She was so fun on the plane. I sure wish Bryan could have been there to see her.

Utah Trip: St.George, Emily & Robert's Wedding...

HURRAY!!!! They are HITCHED!!! It was such a pretty wedding!!! Em looked AMAZING & Rob looked hansdome & all the kids looked adorable the girls in their matching dressed & Kade too!!!

They both look so happy!! We are so happy for them all!!

Big Family HUG!!!!

It was all so pretty!!! We had so much fun!!

Utah Trip: Father's Day!!!!

Bryan Missed his girls so much that he worked it out with work so that he could come up & visit us Father's Day weekend. It was such a wonderful weekend. The Weather was so nice we took the girls to a park up Hobble Creek Canyon just by Grandma's house. It had been raining all week so it was very cool outside. We were all in HEAVEN!!! Bryan & I both love it up there so much. We wish we could move back. Here are some pictures from the park.
Lindsey & Kelsey climbing up the rock stairs.
Lindsey at only 2 1/2 yrs. has NO FEAR!!! Kelsey is a little bit more cautious!!

There was this tube that you could talk into & hear it on the other end of the the tube on the other side of the park. Bryan was standing on the other side & talking to both Kelsey & Lindsey.
This is the side Bryan was on.
Lindsey at the top of the rock wall!!
This was the steepest slide!!! My girls LOVED it!!! Here is Kelsey going down it.

Lindsey was so funny!!! The slide had speed bumps at the top of it & she caught air & this is what her face looked like when she got to the bottom. WE couldn't get her off the slide after that. It was her favorite thing there!!

Grandma, Sadie & Goofy Daddy!!!
Grandma, Sadie & Momma.
Daddy, Momma & Sadie.
Goofy Dad!!!!
Look at the big rain cloud behind us!!!
It was so GORGEOUS up there!!! It was so green & the mountains looks AMAZING!! I miss living there!!!

This is a view of the whole park!! What a neat place!! Notice the rock stairs to the right? There is a cave like thing behind that & in the next few pictures you'll see what I mean when I say we "Hid" under it!!

Sadie with Grandma!! She kept making the FUNNIEST faces!!!
Bryan & the girls heading over the bridge to throw rocks in the creek.

Kelsey & Lindsey on the bridge.

Kelsey, Lindsey & Momma on the bridge.

Gorgeous Grandma walking with Sadie bugs!!! She was soaking up all the Grandma time!!
Here Grandma is checking out the big black cloud that is getting CLOSER!!!

It started to sprinkle & so my mom went under the cave thing to get Sadie out of the rain & the girls followed.

The next thing we know it is POURING down rain!!! Bryan & I ran over & jumped underneath the cave too!! ALL 6 of us were under there!! It was SO FUNNY!!! We were laughing so hard I was crying. We couldn't make it to the Tahoe without SOAKING us!!! So we stayed under there hoping for a break in the rain!!! Sure enough it started to slow down. So we RAN for the car!! The second we got there & were loading up it started POURING again!!! We had so much fun!! WE LAUGHED the whole way to Grandma's house!!!

Poor Dad was the closest one to the outside & he kept getting pelted with rain drops!!

Our poor kids didn't quite know what to think of that much RAIN!!!

When dad got out to run to the car he took this picture of all of us in there!!! Perfect hiding spot from the rain!!

We had so much fun that day. I hope that dad had a fun Father's Day!!