May 12, 2009

The ZOO....

I have been so terrible about posting lately. Life has just been nuts. I get too behind & then I have a million pictures to post. So here we go.....
A couple of weeks ago Donna was so wonderful & took Kelsey & Lindsey to the ZOO!! Crazy lady!! :) I have been painting our cabinets in the kitchen & she wanted to help me by getting my kids out of my hair so I could finish them. It was wonderful!! She took Sadie Friday night for a slumber party & then brought her home Saturday morning & took Kels & Linds. They had so much fun. All Kelsey talks about now is how she went to the ZOO & saw monkeys, camels & she got to pet a goat. I am so thankful for a sweet mother-in-law who helps me whenever she gets the chance.

I love this picture of them holding hands. They love each other. This is when I am so thankful for how close they are in age. They are the BEST of friends...80% of the time.
Check out Lindsey's face!! I love it when she pulls this face. She is a crack up.
Check out the camel. They look SOOOO EXCITED!!!! :)
The Giraffes. Kelsey looks totally THRILLED!!! What a stinker!!
Here they are climbing down from the tree fort.
They just built this tree fort a few years ago. The girls LOVED it!!
I LOVE this picture!!! Look at that sweet little face!!! :)
Mary-go-round. Donna said that she had to PRY them off of this!!

It was so HOT that they ran through the sprinklers there.

There is this fun boat that the girls had fun playing on.
PETTING ZOO.........
Donna said this poor goat was being mauled by all this kids & Lindsey was scared to death of him. She FINALLY got the courage to go up & pet him this one time.

Playing on the tractor with grandma!!!
They look like TWINS!!!
Kelsey was picking her nose in almost all of these pictures & this is the only one where her finger is out of her nose & here it is in her mouth!!! :)
What a FUN day with an amazing grandma!! Thanks GRANDMA!!!! WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA DAVIS!!!!