June 15, 2010

Random life moment...

This month has been VERY crazy for me! So I am going to attempt to catch up on the little things in life that seem to fly by & the ones that make life so great! 1st off next month on the 3rd our Kelsey is turning 5!!!I can hardly believe that she is turning 5! We have been so blessed to be her parents! She is seriously such a great kid & I am one lucky mom!

This is a funny moment where Bryan was playing a game on the Ipod & all 3 girls were MESMERIZED!!!
Getting ready for a nap with mom!! I had some tooth issues & ended up in alot of pain & having it pulled. So while I recouped the girls were great & took naps for me so I could rest.

Sadie eating some eggs with Daddy! She is such a NUT!! She makes the funniest faces & has the BEST personality!! She cracks us up!

Lindsey being a monkey on the back porch.

Daddy gave Sadie a RED Popsicle & her mouth was all numb & she kept sticking her tongue out at us & giggling!! Lindsey was trying to clean her up for mom in this picture.

This is a classic Bryan move. He had a T-bone steak for dinner one night & who got to clean the bone? NOT Zeppelin....SADIE!!!! She was in HEAVEN!!!