April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend......

This weekend I found out that I am allergic to yet another anti-biotic!!! I have been struggling to get through a kidney infection & on my 10th day of anti-biotic I broke out in hives all over my arms. They started out normal but by noon they started to look VERY FUNNY. I looked like I had Leprosy. So I took some benadryl & went on with my day. They never went away like they should have they just got worse & worse. Till finally Friday (when this all started on Wednesday night.) I called Bryan & had him take me to the Doctors because I was having a hard time swallowing & my eyes were blurry & starting to swell shut. Fun I know!! So I get to the Docs & she tells me that if I would have waited any longer my skin could have started blistering & falling off!! AWESOME!!!! So she gave me a Epinephrine shot to stop me from dieing & a a shot of Solumedrol to stop the rash from forming. I still have to take Benadryl every 4 hours or else they start up again & I still itch not to mention that I have scars all over my body where the rash was. I don't know how long it will take for them to go away. AWESOME!!!! :) Thank heavens for my wonderful mother-in-law, Donna took Kelsey & Lindsey Friday night to spend the night so I could PASS OUT & Bryan was AMAZING & took Sadie for me. I think he got a taste of how little that child really sleeps!! But he was AWESOME!!! I could not have done it without them!! Then I was feeling a little bit better & I didn't look like a infectious diseased person anymore so I went with Donna to take lunch to LaMar while he irrigated. The girls love to take lunch to grandpa & play on the playground. While we were out & about we stopped at Michael's craft. It was POURING down rain & I slipped & fell flat on my butt when I ran into the store. SO FUNNY!!! Then when I ran outside I couldn't find my car cause Donna had gotten in to drive the girls around & I slipped AGAIN!!! hahaha :) SO FUNNY!!! So now my mother-in-law must think I am NUTS or on drugs or something!!! SO to top off the insanity cause I was getting the girls' baskets out of the closet & fell out of the closet & rolled my ankle!!! In the mean time of falling out of the closet I SHOVED Lindsey out the front door launching her off the front porch & slamming the door behind her. I am laying on the floor & my poor baby is SCREAMING outside like someone has just killed her!!! & Bryan is yelling at me because he has no idea what the crap is going on!!! hahahaha :) ONLY IN OUR HOUSE!!!! Now Donna REALLY thinks I have LOST IT!!! I am laying on the floor dieing & Byran is trying to help me up while holding Lindsey who has just been traumatized!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!! :)
So to top it all off........
The Hot topic of the weekend.....Kelsey cut off her BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!!! Here are the result pictures. I wish that they did it Justice. I couldn't get the pictures quite right but the damage is extreme!!! It all happened on Easter night. Bryan & I have both been sick & Lindsey & Kelsey were playing in the toy room when I got a bad feeling & Kelsey came in to show 'dad' & I that she had cut her horses hair & that is when we say it. She has a mullet!!!! She chopped her bangs of almost all the way up to her scalp. We caught them in time before Lindsey suffered the same fate!!! She has a few straggler strands but nothing a little trim can't fix. But oh sweet Kelsey!!! Her BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!!! I cried!!! It broke my heart. Christy comes on Thursday to fix it. Till then I am not touching it. I am too afraid of making it worse!!

Wednesday night I couldn't get my little night owl to sleep!! This is Sadie Lynn at 3 a.m. playing with Kelsey's Snow White doll. She looks so funny!! This kid will be the death of me I swear!!!
I mean look at this face!!! Who could be mad?!
Easter Morning. The girls woke up & RUSHED into the kitchen to find their Easter baskets full of yummy goodies, a fun new book & a microphone.

While they ate their breakfast I did their hair. I made the flowers the night before. The dresses are from grandma Brenda for Easter.
Leaving for church. I tried to get the girls to pose in the front yard for Easter pictures in their pretty new dresses but they wouldn't have anything to do with it!! Oh well.
Look at this stinkin' face!! She is such a doll!! I just can't get enough of her. She cracks me up.
Pictures after church. They were a little bit more willing to pose after church but only on the couch. What can you do?

They eash had to take turns holding Sadie. Heavan forbit it if I could just get them to sit down all together on the couch!! That would just be too much. :) Well we are so blessed & we have had a very exciteing weekend!! :) Thank heavans for Mondays!!! :)