April 19, 2010

Play day....

Since Bryan is in Washington for the weekend & then after that he will be in Idaho, I have a CAR!!! YIPPEE!!!! So today we went out for a play day with my friend Erika!! Who by the way is AWESOME!! She has totally made moving to Omaha Livable! Thanks Erika!!!
She has the CUTEST boys. Kelsey LOVES her oldest Brevan. She calls him her "husband". It cracks us up because they hold hands & on Saturday when we went to the park together then gave each other a goodbye kiss. hahaha It is adorable!!
So today we went to the Zoo & then after the Zoo we went to Erika's house & let the kiddos play at the many different parks they have in their complex. We all had so much fun!!
This is the kiddos hangin' out with the Orangutans.
This Orangutan was HILARIOUS!!! he kept spitting & making "Fart" noises at the kids!! They got a kick out of that!
Kelsey & Brevan on te Gorilla.
Lindsey & Jace.

The Sea lion pool.

I REALLY want this bench at my house!! All of you who know me, you know that I LOVE butterflies!!
Kelsey & Brevan (Her "husband") holding hands while walkin up the hill! SO CUTE!!!! They CRACK me up!!!

This zoo is MASSIVE!!! WE have been here a dozen times already & STILL haven't seen everything!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Sadie Chillin' in the stoller.

Erika, Brevan & Jace chillin' on the Giraffe.

Oh man this was too funny!! Sadie was OBSESSED with the sand. I tried to move her & she WIGGED out on me!!!
Playin' in the sand with her bucket & shovel sh found!
Oh man she is CUTE check out the tongue!!!!

All the kids playing. Brevan is pushing Kelsey on the swing!
So we had such a fun day today!!! That is until we got home!!! I was out watering our plants in the front yard & Sadie disappeared. She had gone over to play in the neighbors planters. I had my neighbors all looking for her with me!! Man she gave me a heart attack!! I was in tears & FREAKING OUT!!! She is going to be the death of me I swear! She is such an escape artist. Thanks to my sweet neighbors for all their help today!! Very amazing people. I sat in the rocking chair & just held her, even though she was still COVERED in mud!! I was SO stinkin' scared!! Man I LOVE my girls!! I would DIE if anything happened to them!! They are the greatest thing in my life!!!
On a funny note...........I keep forgetting to post this. Kelsy says the FUNNIEST things!!!! She is HILARIOUS!!! So I always tell the girls that they are "Slower than Molasses." Because they ALWAYS take their SWEET LITTLE TIME to do things. So the other day we were out for a walk & I had to stop to tie Lindsey's show & Kelsey says to me "mom hurry up your slower than 'my ass is'...." hahahahaha oh man I about died!!! She was trying to tell me that we were slower than 'MOLASSES'!!!! hahahaha I mean how funny is that!! Well you probably had to be there but hey, It was funny to me!!