February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Today we played 'Camera' Tag!! The way you play is to get your camera out & chase your kids around the house & take random pictures as their frantically trying to run from you!! It is so funny!! Poor Sadie was just sitting in her bouncer just staring at us as we ran past, like "what the heck is my mother doing now?" It was really fun!!

Here's another shot of Sadie wondering if I've lost my mind!!

Here is Lindsey trying to round the recliner without getting her picture taken.......

Kelsey decided to join her...Silly girls they were stuck in the back so I totally got them!!

I was hiding from them by the front door when they got out of the recliner mess & they came looking for me. This is the look on their faces when I jumped out of the closet!!

They Immediately ran into their room & headed straight for the bunk beds where we called it quits & I tickled them both. We all 3 got on Kelsey's bed & lied there laughing!!

I absolutely love this picture of Lindsey!!! She was laughing so hard she would snort!!
I love that sound!! Nothing makes a mom happier than to hear her kids
laughing & having fun!! I'm so blessed!!!

Kelsey found gum in my purse. She was so proud of herself!!

Check out this HAIR!!! She is only 3 1/2 yrs. old!!! Man that is pretty hair! I have to use the really thick rubber bands in her hair or they break. We grew out her bangs this summer because they were always in her face. She is such a fun little girl. She is getting so big. It makes me sad.

Super Cheeser!!!

February 22, 2009

Grandma Davis (Charlotte Davis) came down for her aunts funeral on Saturday. We had a family dinner with her & her sisters, Aunt Tammy & Aunt Vicki. It was really great to see her. When we lived in Utah we never really were able to go down to Wales to visit them. So it has been nice to see her so much this year!!

Here is Grandpa LaMar, Kelsey & Grandma all sitting around Mom & Dad Davis' table.

What a cute picture of Grandpa & his girls!! Lindsey is such a Grandpa's girl. It is so cute. Kelsey was having one of her days!! She was not in a very good mood!!

Beautiful Aunt Sherry & Sadie Lynn.