April 4, 2010


April 4th 2010:
This year Easter Sunday fell on conference weekend. Which was GREAT! We really enjoyed spending the weekend together as a family & spending lots of time outdoors & to top it off hearing from our prophet! Here are some pictures of the girls when they woke up to find their baskets full!!

It was such a gorgeous day outside so we decided to take a drive during the break in between conference sessions. We found this great park in Platsmouth (SP?). The girls had so much fun & so did Zeppelin.
Sadie was so stinkin' cute on the swing I HAD to put allot of pictures of her laughing!!

(That is Daddy & Zeppelin in the back ground.)

There was actually a Merry-go-round thing at this park. I haven't seen one of these in YEARS!! This was my FAVORITE thing to play on at the park when I was a kid. I LOVE THEM!! My girls thought it was pretty great too. They kept yelling "GO FASTER, GO FASTER!!!!"

This slide was HUGE!!!

I was SHOCKED that Kelsey would climb all the way up there & go down without me having to climb up & save her. She is NOT a fan of high places.
Now Lindsey on the other hand....I had to PRY her off of it when it was time to go home!!

Sadie wanted to go down the slide so bad.....So I climbed all the way up & Daddy handed her to me & here we are at the bottom!! hahaha it was so funny!! I didn't think we would go THAT FAST!!! We FLEW down that slide!!! hahaha look at my face!!

Nebraska Wild Life Safari.....

Saturday April 5th:
This Saturday for our conference weekend we decided that in between conference sessions we would drive down to the Safari park in between Omaha & Lincoln. I packed us a lunch & some snacks & we were on our way. As soon as we got there I handed the girls there PB&J sandwiches & unbuckled them & we were off.

Our 1st animals were the elk. They were so cool!! Kelsey & Linds kept trying to do an elk bugle! I think they watch the animal planet with their dad too much!!
Check out how close they are to our window!!

Next on our ride were the white tail deer.
Then you drive through the wet lands which had ducks, geese, frogs & turtles. We think there was a beaver or two but we never saw them but there was a beaver home farther down the road.
Sadie road on my lap because we were driving so slow she was getting crazy in her car seat. Check out the buffalo. They were so close & the girls were freaking out!! They all LOVE animals so much.

After the buffalo we got out of the car & went on a hike to wolf canyon & the black bears. Daddy is lifting Kelsey up so she can see.

Here's the Bear!!
See the black dot by the tree, above Kelsey's head? That is the bear & how close we were to it.

Daddy lifting Linds so she could see the bear.

Checking out the Wolves in Wolf canyon.

Look at how close the wolves were when we walked farther up the trail.
There is another wolf in the corner by Daddies head.
Kelsey took this picture of Dad & mom.
Walking back down the trail.
Sadie running FREE out of the stroller. She is a complete NUT!!!

Daddy & his girls!!! (Sadie looks like poor Linds may be hanging on a bit too tight!!)

We had so much fun together as a family on our little adventure. We love spending time together out doors. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much this year & we are so grateful. Plus we live in such a beautiful place & have such gorgeous girls!!