December 21, 2009

Our New House....

I know it is hard to see since I took them at night but these are pictures of the front of our house.

This is the basement. There is a living room with fireplace & to the right.....

There is this fun little nook. We are going to turn it into a play room for the girls.
Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. Here is the hall bath.
There is this fun little nook above the bath tub for putting decorations. I think I know what to do there!! =)

Mater bathroom....
Master bedroom, with this cool vault to the ceiling.

Back bedroom...ths pictures make the rooms look small but they are pretty good size rooms. I couldn't get the whole room in one picture....

Middle bedroom/office.

Dining room (the sliding door goes out to a HUGE deck)....
& finally the family room upstairs.
I can't wait to get all of our things put in our house. It will feel good to make it our home. I'll post pictures as soon as we get it all set up. Now to get all ready for our trip to Kansas for Christmas. Laurie has been so fun. She keeps calling me & seeing what we want & need. Heavenly Father sure has blessed us this year!

December 20, 2009

Winter Quarters Temple.....

Today we went on a family drive to the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha. What a gorgeous Temple & such an amazing story. We watched a movie on the pioneers & the girls were able to dress up like pioneers & try to pull a hand cart! They thought that was pretty cool!
I guess it is a tradition in Omaha that every year there's a gingerbread house display down stairs in the visitors center. It was pretty neat! They have at least 100 different gingerbread houses on display & a scavenger hunt for the kids.

Here is Sadie standing with her face in the gingerbread man!
Kelsey as a gingerbread girl!!

Lindsey as a gingerbread girl!

Kelsey & Lindsey in front of the Nauvoo temple sculpture.

Here are the girls spinning the wagon wheel till it reaches a mile...360 turns I think...they only made it 10!!!

Here we are looking out onto the pioneer cemetery & the temple grounds covered in SNOW!!
What a beautiful temple!!
This is a neat painting of what winter quarters looked like in pioneer days.
This is a model of what one of the homes would have been like back then. There would have been 2 families that lived in each house. It was the size of my bedroom right now, maybe even smaller. I completely admire the pioneers.
Inside the home.

Here are the girls trying to push the handcart.
All dressed up like pioneers. It was so funny, Lindsey wanted to wear all the boys 'Cowboy' clothes!! =)

Getting dressed up!
Outside the visitor center...FREEZING our bums off in front of this gorgeous statue of the pioneers!!! They have statues like this all over Omaha.
Bryan & the girls.

The whole family in front of the temple gates.
I had such a great day! I have such a love in my heart for how brave & selfless the pioneers were. I don't think I could have ever done what they did, Barry my baby, or husband, walk across the frozen river. Truly the Lord works in amazing ways. How blessed we are to have this amazing gospel & knowledge of it in our lives. We had a great day together as a family reflecting on our churches amazing history. What a great place we now live in full of church history. I look forward to this summer & being able to visit MORE church sites.

December 18, 2009


Finally I am updating with some pictures. Here is Kelsey eating some noodles in our Temporary apartment. We finally found a house to rent & we move in on the 23rd. We wont have any of our things with us yet. But we will survive. We are leaving for Kansas on the 24th to spend Christmas with my Aunt Laurie & her family. It will be so fun to spend some time with them. They will be our closest family out here & we are thrilled to be able to spend Christmas with them. Donna & LaMar are bringing our things with them when they come around the 27th & stay till New Years Day. I'll post more pictures as they come. I just haven't been in the mood to snap some pictures. This has been a hard move on all of us. I know it will be easier when we have all of our belongings around us & we are all settled into a house & not bouncing from hotel to apartment to house! Heavenly Father has blessed so much this Christmas. I just can't even tell you how much we have truly been blessed with.

Lindsey posing for pictures in Bryan's & my room.

This is our room. There is a HUGE walk-in closet & a bathroom in it.
This is our sad little Christmas tree. The girls didn't feel like it was Christmas so Bryan came home from work on Monday with this & we set it up for family night & sang Christmas songs. I was going to make popcorn strings & buy some small candy canes to put on it but then we all got sick & I haven't done it yet.
This is the living room.
This kitchen...
The dining room...
The girls room...Sadie sleeps in the HUGE walk-in closet. That sound terrible I know but is is almost as big as this room. I just put her port-a-crib in there & she loves it. The apartment comes with Internet & a home phone. So we brought our computer with us & that has been great for looking for houses & keeping in contact with everyone. The girls get the desk in their room.
Here we are pulling away from the hotel we stayed in that was so GROSS!!!! YUCK!!! Look at all the snow.
Sadie now officially HATES her car seat!!! She SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER if we try to put her in it!! I guess 25 hrs in that thing will do it!!!
Kelsey all bundled up.

The nasty hotel!!!!

The DRIVE......Thank heavens for modern technology!! DVD players are AWESOME!!!!!!
Sadie all happy that I let her free from her car seat while dad filled up the car with gas.
Sadie was so stinking cute...every time we would say a prayer she would fold her arms!! This kid cracks us up!!! Here she is folding her arms.
Lindsey...SO SICK of the CAR!!!!