March 20, 2010

Catch up post...

Now to cram our month of March into one post. We have had a busy month & I am terrible at keeping up on this blog. So here we go.
I finally found Easter dresses for the girls that I LOVE! I found them for an AMAZING price & I couldn't make them for cheaper then I paid for them. I wanted to go with a bright poke-a-dot theme this year. Which ended up being hard since they are all 3 in different sizes. Kelsey is in youth sizes, Lindsey is still in Children's (Barely) & Sadie is in Toddler. I am sort of OCD & they all have to coordinate. This was funny because when I bought them Bryan says to me "What are we doing on Easter that is so special that the girls need a new dress?" Silly man!! Doesn't he know that girls get new dresses on Easter & Christmas!! hahaha =)
So this is what we came out with.
Kelsey's Easter Dress:
Lindsey's Easter Dress:
Sadie's Easter Dress:
All 3 together:
Next, Sadie has been the funniest kid lately. Last night she kept insisting that Daddy needed the stool from the bathroom. She kept bringing it to him & giggling.
She also was obsessed with brushing poor Zeppelin's hair. He was so good & just sat there & let her torment him.
Here she is running from me with Kelsey's panties. She has been obsessed with her sisters panties. She REALLY wants to be a big girl like them.

Here she is trying to put them on. She is so stinkin' smart!! We are truly in for it with her!
This is just a sweet picture of my baby. She is getting so big!!
Bryan's mom sent us a Valentines day package. It had 2 bottles of Matta's salsa (which lasted not even 2 days.), these super cute & comfy heart Jammie's for the girls, an outfit for Sadie & TONZ of sweets (like these lollipops.)!!
Have I mentioned how much we LOVE the ZOO here? We went to the Zoo with one of our good friends from our ward. They are such a great family. They have 6 girls & Joani is the most amazing mom. Such a great example to me!! I have truly enjoyed our friendship. Her husband (Austin) is in the Air force & they are being transferred in June. We will be very sad to see them leave. Here is a picture of Kelsey, Hope Healey & Lindsey in the Aquarium.
This is Joani & Hope. We could spend ALL day in the aquarium.

On the 5th of March we went to Sioux City Iowa with Bryan. Bryan was going to go alone so he rented a car so the girls & I would have a car all weekend. Then once he got there he called me & said "Hey why don't you & the girls hop in the car & come stay the night with me in this nice hotel?" So we did. It was a 2 1/2 hr. drive but the girls did really well & we had tons of fun. Then on our way home the next day Kelsey & Lindsey rode with dad in the rental car & Sadie & Zeppelin rode with me. The highway shut down about 1 hour away from home due to a roll over car accident. WE got to see the helicopter fly in & out with whoever was in the car. Sadie sat back & watched a movie & didn't make a peep. This is a picture of the accident as we drove slowly by after waiting for over 45 min.

Kelsey & Lindsey in the rental car making faces at me behind them!

Kelsey & Linds making faces at me while stopped at the gas station.

Jumping on the hotel bed.

Zeppelin's Doggie bed that the hotel provided for us.

Sadie running to hug dad when he got back to the hotel after meeting with a customer.