August 26, 2010

New hair cut...

Everyone who knows Lindsey knows that she HATES to have her hair done. So I decided to cut it short again. She LOVES her new hair. I love it because it is so easy! She takes after her momma & will probably have short hair forever. Bryan didn't want me to cut it but he likes it now. This is Linds this morning waiting for the bus to come. All smiles excited to show her bus driver & friends at school her new hair!

(The back...I think I did pretty good for not going to school!)

This is just a funny picture of our CRAZY kiddo....Sadie! She is such a NUT!! She keeps us on our toes & laughing the whole time. She has Kelsey's sun glasses on & she thought she was pretty HOT STUFF!!!


Saturday August 21st we took Zeppelin to his new family. This was a VERY hard thing for us to do. He was a part of our family for 3 years, but neither Bryan or myself had enough time for him. He was such an AWESOME dog! We miss him dearly, but he is in a good home with other doggy friends & 3 little boys to play with him. These are just a few pictures of the girls helping dad give Zep a bath before Bryan & I took him to Sioux City to meet his new family.
This is Zep giving me a love! He was such a mommas boy. He would always jump up on me & lick my face & it was like he was giving me a hug. (Makes me tear up just thinking about it, but he is in a good home with people who LOVE him & can take really good care of him!)
Bryan Bathing his boy!
The girls got in their suits & helped daddy give him a bath.
Our boy! Man we miss him!
Kelsey & Linds saying goodbye.
After saying goodbye to Zeppelin Bryan & I stopped at the River Boat Casino & ate away our sadness with some yummy food.
(We had to keep the sunglasses on cause we had red eyes from least I did.)

We were so lucky to have had Zep for 3 good years. We loved having him in our family. The move to Nebraska took a lot out of us & with the Winter here being what they are he needed to be in a better home. Bryan works so much & it was just a lot to take care of & the poor boy spent too much time on a chain. In Arizona we had enough room that he could RUN free all day! Anyone who knows Zep KNOWS that he LOVES to run! We were very blessed to find a good family for him & they said we can come see him anytime. Which I think we might have to since we miss him SO MUCH!!!