August 26, 2010


Saturday August 21st we took Zeppelin to his new family. This was a VERY hard thing for us to do. He was a part of our family for 3 years, but neither Bryan or myself had enough time for him. He was such an AWESOME dog! We miss him dearly, but he is in a good home with other doggy friends & 3 little boys to play with him. These are just a few pictures of the girls helping dad give Zep a bath before Bryan & I took him to Sioux City to meet his new family.
This is Zep giving me a love! He was such a mommas boy. He would always jump up on me & lick my face & it was like he was giving me a hug. (Makes me tear up just thinking about it, but he is in a good home with people who LOVE him & can take really good care of him!)
Bryan Bathing his boy!
The girls got in their suits & helped daddy give him a bath.
Our boy! Man we miss him!
Kelsey & Linds saying goodbye.
After saying goodbye to Zeppelin Bryan & I stopped at the River Boat Casino & ate away our sadness with some yummy food.
(We had to keep the sunglasses on cause we had red eyes from least I did.)

We were so lucky to have had Zep for 3 good years. We loved having him in our family. The move to Nebraska took a lot out of us & with the Winter here being what they are he needed to be in a better home. Bryan works so much & it was just a lot to take care of & the poor boy spent too much time on a chain. In Arizona we had enough room that he could RUN free all day! Anyone who knows Zep KNOWS that he LOVES to run! We were very blessed to find a good family for him & they said we can come see him anytime. Which I think we might have to since we miss him SO MUCH!!!

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LaMar & Donna Davis said...

I love the pictures of you and Bryan! ILY Mom Davis