September 8, 2009

It has been a while since I have taken any pictures. So here are a few random shots of our kids.
Sadie loves to hide beside the leather couch in between the table & the couch!! So stinkin' cute!!

It is 12:30 am when Bryan took this. She would NOT go to sleep that night. She was so tired too. I mean look at those eyes!!!

I got tired of Lindsey NEVER letting me do her hair!!! She ALWAYS looked homeless unless I wanted a fight with her in order to do her hair & even then she would SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!!!! I was afraid I was gonna get turned in for child abuse when all I was doing was putting her hair in piggies!!! So I CHOPPED IT!!! Yep you heard me I did it myself!!!! I think I did a pretty good job.

I just put her up on her booster in the toy room & put a movie on & she sat there perfectly still!!! & now I NEVER have to do her hair!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!!
Sadie loves to sit at the back door & stare at Zeppelin.

We have this little cubby whole thing in between our kitchen & the dining room & the girls love to play 'Drive thru' & give each other food!!! Here is Lindsey being the 'Window Lady' that is what Kelsey calls her.
Typical Kelsey face!!!! She does this ALL THE TIME!!!! I love it!!

Lindsey is my babysitter. She carries Sadie ALL over the house. Sadie LOVES it!! Here they are taking a break on the kitchen floor....
On the move again....she just holds her right under her arm pits & Sadie tucks her legs up & their off!!
What a pretty little homeless girl!!! This is why I cut Lindsey's hair!!! She is so stinkin' pretty & all I could look at was her rats nest hair!!! :)
Good times!!! I love my kids!!! I am so very blessed to have them!!!