April 16, 2009

Hair Cuts!!!

Today was the wonderful day that Christy & her girls came over to our house & she fixed Kelsey's hair cut!! She was amazing!! She cut & colored my hair,cut Kelsey's, Lindsey's & Bryan's hair!!! All in a few hours!! She is super women I swear! It was so sad to see Kelsey's hair go but she actually looks her age now. It is amazing how much hair she took off (about 9 inches) . Kelsey is blessed with my mother's thick hair. She has more hair on her head than most adults. Here is a picture of the pile of hair that Chirsty cut off. I put the squirt bottle next to it so you could see how much hair it really was & this is just what we could pick up off the carpet without vacuuming it up. SAD!!!! But she looks adorable now!!
Lindsey had her hair trimmed. I like her hair shorter. She doesn't have a thick of hair as Kels so I like to keep hers short. Much easier for me to do. She was so good. We put a movie on & just propped them up on the coffee table & Christy went to town. Linds was a saint like always. She just sat there & held still (for the most part) & watched her movie.
Before her hair cut. CHEESE!!!!
Here is the Final length of Kelsey's hair. Christy was still thinning it out a bit but Kels wasn't too happy to see her hair go. Neither was mom but what can you do? What a face huh?
Not quite sure what to think about the new dew!! But she is warming up to it. The back of Kelsey's hair.....
....Cutting Kelsey's hair.....
...I gave the girls each a bowl of popcorn to keep them busy & it ended up all over the floor along with the foot of Kelsey's hair!!!
One of the 'Big' cuts. She took like 9 inches off in one cut. YIKES!!!
Kelsey was NOT happy to have her hair cut. I kept telling her..."This is why you don't cut your own hair!!! If you do this again you will look like a little boy!!" I am terrible I know!! But it could have been MUCH worse!! Thankfully it was fixable! Poor Christy had to work at it for a while to get it to be even but it looks great now.
Oh I am so glad it is over!! I know I am pathetic but Kelsey had the most beautiful hair. Everyone kept telling me to cut it off but it was too pretty!! So she did it herself. But her hair is so thick that poor Christy had to thin it out so much just to get it to lay right. That is why we have never cut it before now. I was too afraid of her having an Afro!! :) Well today was rough but what can you do, right? I just pray that either of my girls do this again!! I am afraid that if they do it wont be fixable!! We lucked out this time.