April 6, 2009

New Boots....

Kelsey has a new pair of pink cowgirl boots. She was so excited to have them. Here she is dancing in LaMar & Donna's back yard. She was so proud of them!! Check out this dance!!

She even hiked up her skirt so that you could get a better look at her boots!!
Bryan does this with all of our kids!! He holds them in his hands & has them stand up!! Sadie has been too stubborn. Bryan has yet to get here to do it...until Friday night. She was so excited & laughing so hard when he would hold her up. I was in the laundry room doing laundry & he runs in all excited to show me. He is so cute with our girls!! I love it!!
Look at that GRIN!! So completely precious!! Check out the nice laundry pile in the back too! Could have been in a better room but oh well. Where ever you can get a picture of her standing right?! :)

Conference weekend...April 4 & 5 2009

After the last session of Conference all the cousins that live in the valley all met at Donna & LaMar's house for dinner & an Easter egg hunt. We had so much fun. Wonderful Sadie slept almost the entire time we were there so there aren't any pictures of her with the other kids. We had a wonderful dinner with twice baked potatoes, Caesar salad, turkey, ham, homemade rolls, deviled eggs (provided by myself) & cupcakes (also provided bu myself). It was wonderful. Everyone pitched in & it was great. After dinner the adults hid Easter eggs in the back yard for the kids to find. They sent the smaller kids out first to find the easy ones & then the older kids went out. They all had tons of candy & ran around the back yard all crazy for about 3 hours!! Sugar high!!!

Here the girls are waiting for their food. I love Kelsey's smile!!
I love my beautiful Linds!! She doesn't like to have her picture taken. Funny girl.
The girls got these cute outfits for Easter from Grandma Brenda. They looked so cute!! Lindsey is showing me her new shirt in this picture.

Such sweet sisters!! They are best friends. They have their moments where they hate each other but for the most part they don't like to be away from each other.
Lindsey was dancing around the back yard in her new skirt. She was singing....'Lalala...lalala..lalalala' While spinning around. She cracks me up!! What a princess.
Here are all the kids waiting inside while all the eggs are being hidden. They were all freaking out so Donna put a Church movie on & the only kids who even noticed it were Kelsey & Lindsey. The TV is like a magnet to them. If it is on you can't ask the anything!! :)

Now they all moved to the door & were trying to peak....cheaters!!! :)

Lindsey kept dumping all her eggs out!!
Grandpa LaMar helped Lindsey find some eggs. She is such a grandpa's girl!! She loves him so much. She always wants to go to papa's house. :)

Kelsey was really fast & she found lots of eggs. Which means LOTS of candy!! She was WIRED!!

Showing off some of her Loot!!

Some more goodies!! She looks THRILLED, doesn't she?

It is a basket Linds not a purse!! Funny kid!! She was dancing around the yard swinging it around!!

She played so hard at grandma & grandpa's house that when we got home I bathed them & then they were playing around the house to wear off some energy. Linds was playing on the recliner, Spinning it around in circles. Next thing I know it isn't moving anymore so I went to check on her & she was passed out!! She was pooped!! I love this look at how her face is smashed into the arm of the chair. She was even snoring!! Silly kid.
What a fun day!!