February 24, 2009

Emily & her girls came to visit for 2 weeks. We had so much fun having everyone in our tiny house!! :) the girls were so excited to see eachother. We will sure miss them.

Sadie Lynn is 3 months old!! This has been the LONGEST 3 months EVER!!! Just kidding! I love her!!! Check out this Awesome bow!! She is all girl. She is such a happy baby! She was up all night last night talking to herself. It was so cute. She has found her thumb now too & she always has it in her mouth. None of our other girls have ever really sucked their thumbs but Sadie really is a thumb sucker!!! She cracks me up!

A couple weeks ago we went up to visit Allison & her kids for 3 days. We were getting ready to go to the park & it was so windy & cold up there that we bundled up Sadie & this is what she looked like!! She was so mad when we put it over her head!! So funny!!