February 22, 2010

Something Random & FUNNY!!

Sadie NEVER stops cracking us up!! She is so full of energy & life. I LOVE IT!! She is such a spirited little girl. I love this age. From birth to about 2 years is my favorite age. They are so pure & sweet! They are just developing their little attitudes & personalities.
Well our sweet Sadie is a lot like her big sister Kelsey. Kelsey would always so things that were so random. Like When she would put on Bryan's Beanie & then she LOVED to dress up in her dolls clothes & run around the house all crazy. What a NUT!! Well Sadie has started this thing where she shows us her teeth & squishes up her nose up & then blows air through her teeth really fast. Only last night she decided that she was going to have a plastic spoon in her mouth while she did it! Bryan & I were DYING with laughter! She kept walking around the family room with the spoon in her mouth & she knew she was funny, because she would turn around & look at us all cheesy!! Man I LOVE being a mom!! I am SO BLESSED!!

These pictures don't even do it justice. She was so funny!

Ok so this is a better picture of how much weight I have lost since we moved here. This is me at 20 lbs gone & 30 left. Since this picture I have lost 5 more & so I only have 25 lbs left to loose! I feel great!
Sadie got this Glow worm doll from Christa, while we were in Kansas for Christmas. It lights up & plays soft music. She LOVES IT!!! She will NOT go to sleep without it lately!! It cracks me up. She will have her bottle in one hand & her worm in the other. I use to have one like this when I was a kid too. It is funny how somethings keep coming back.

Omaha Zoo...

We had a really fun weekend as a family. 1st Bryan & I FINALLY were able to go out ALONE & do something for his Birthday that was 2 weeks ago. We went & saw Avatar. It was really great. Then when we got home we went & bought a Zoo pass for the year. Then we walked around the Omaha Zoo & had so much fun FREEZING our BUNS OFF!! The girls thought it was pretty cool too. Then we went shopping & bought some well needed clothes since we have both lost so much weight. NONE of our clothes fit us! It felt really great to get out of the house & spend time all together. Our girls ALL slept VERY well that night!

The Omaha Zoo is pretty crazy. They have different themed buildings & this is the 'Rain Forest' one. It was my favorite. VERY humid & sticky but Really COOL!! This is a picture of a Amazon fish. It was MASSIVE!! I mean like a shark or something. It looked freaky with its teeth & funky red striped.
Sadie & mommy behind the waterfall.

Daddy & Kelsey & Lindsey going over the bridge.
One of the many waterfalls.
This Monkey was HILARIOUS! It kept following us! I thought it was going to jump on either Kelsey or Bryan at any point! But he never did. Thank heavens I think Bryan would have lost it!! Just kidding Kelsey totally would have though!

This Gorilla was so funny too! It kept trying to put this big orange ball on his head.
The Orangutan's were my favorite part. They kept swinging from the tops & slamming into the glass & prancing around after all hyper! Sadie was laughing so hard. Lindsey would run every time they would get too close to the glass. She thought that they were going to break through! hahaha silly girls!

The 'Aquarium" Building was SO COOL!! They has so much to look at!

This is a sea horse. Lindsey was totally intrigued by it.

This is the Jelly fish tube without my flash on. They glow in the dark! So cool!
Jellyfish Tube with my flash on.

They have a tunnel that you walk through & you can see all the fish & sharks an sting rays swimming above you. The girls would have stayed in there ALL day!

The 'Finding Nemo' showcase. That is what Kelsey called it. It is the Coral Reef room.

The Penguins Tank was AWESOME! They had this bubble that the kids could climb in & the Penguins would swim right up to it & the girls got a kick out of that.
Sadie LOVED the Penguins!

Trying to hurry to the next building without FREEZING!!

We had so much fun at the Zoo. I can't wait till spring & summer so that we can actually see the entire Zoo & not just what is indoors.