July 7, 2010

Utah Trip...

I was so blessed to be able to go to Utah & spend a whole week alone with my family. No KIDS!!! My mother-in-law spent the whole week in Nebraska with my kids.

As soon as I got there the FUN began.


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE roller coasters!! They can't go high enough or fast enough for me!! =) Natalie, my mom & my cousin Curtis & I all went, it was a ton of fun!! I am pretty sure that Curtis now thinks we are ALL NUTS though...especially me!!!

Here we are on the Farris wheel....one of the ONLY rides I hate!!! ONLY because it goes in circles & that makes me sick!!

Natalie was EVIL & kept spinning it!!

Natty & I before the ROCKET!!!!

My mom's FAVORITE ride....Rattle Snake Rapids. I was the ONLY one not too THRILLED about getting wet & who got SOAKED? ME!!!! =)

Waiting in line for my FAVORITE ride.....WICKED!!!! It is AWESOME!!!! I could ride this one ALL day!!!!
Natty & I ROCKING out in the back of my mom's car on our way to Lagoon.

Sunday my mom had a BBQ with all our family up in Utah at her house. It was great to see everyone. Curtis was AWESOME he cleaned up after everyone. He even had on Natty's apron! It was so funny!

Shara & Todd & Mickah just moved to Utah. (look at Todd's face...what a DORK!!)

I had so much fun in Utah!! It really made me miss my family!!!

Shopping Cart RACE...

I found this shopping cart at a garage sale a few weeks ago & this is what my kids LOVE to do with it.....SHOPPING CART RACE up & down the hall!!


We decided on afternoon to walk down to our friends apartment & go swimming with them. It was fun but I didn't realize truly how far it was!! But they girls had fun & we all got to cool off.

Check out how tired they both are. Sadie's poor eyes!!

Kelsey's 5th Birthday Party...

Kelsey Kissing Brevan & telling him thanks for the present!! They are gonna get married!! =)

Kelsey & Brevan again. They are like 2 peas in a pod!!

Eating cake out on the deck!!

Getting hosed down by daddy.

Mom, Erika & Jeremy filling up water balloons!
What a fun Birthday party!!! Filled with great friends!!