August 4, 2010

Misc. Summer activities...

Everyone knows how much I LOVE to do crafts!!! But even more than that I LOVE to spend time with my girls!!! This past month I have started babysitting 3 little girls about the same ages as my girls. So needless to say we need allot of things to do to keep them all busy.
I have started a 'Preschool' program for them. I use the word preschool loosely because they do learn but it is more for fun. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday we do our 'Preschool'. Each day we work on a different letter & with that letter we do a craft that begins with that specific letter. for instance the pictures below are from our letter 'B' day & we made Butterfly puzzles & Bumble Bee Magnets. The girls colored the pictures of the butterfly & then glues it to some construction paper & then cut them out into different shapes. They had so much FUN!!!

Here are the girls trying to put it back together.
Finished puzzle!!!

I couldn't figure out what to use for wings, so we used plastic bags. The girls got a kick out of gluing it all together & figuring out where all the Pieces fit together. We put a close pin on the back so it can hold things while on the fridge.

I will try to post some of our other letter projects.

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LaMar & Donna Davis said...

Looks like fun! MISS THE GIRLS, when are we going to do SKYPE???
ILY Mom Davis