August 11, 2010


All who know me know that I LOVE to sew...well craft period...simply because I am WAY too cheap to pay for something I know that I can make myself for a fraction of the price. I also LOVE a challenge. Well this was my new obsession & challenge....Aprons. I started out with kids ones & now that I know what I am doing I am making Adult sized ones. I have a few nephews that I am going to make tool belts for (I'll post pics once I finish them). Poor Bryan got a bit tired of the sewing mess & my craze so I retired it for a few weeks.

I made these for my sister Allison's girls. I sewed a pocket on the front of each of them to hold Scissors, & Pencils.
The pink Camo ones are for Kels & Linds.

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The Jones Fam. said...

They are getting so big!!! I miss you all so much. When are you coming to Utah again??!! Give those girls a big hug from me. The aprons are cute too!!! Love ya